Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Fun

We had such a fun thanksgiving full of family and fun... oh and of course food. John Hunter has clearly enjoyed ALL of the attention from ALL the family here. He has had his photo taken SOOO many times and has become a true ham. Here is a photo of me and my sister in laws.. and then all of our family.
On Friday we went shopping... let me clarify, we stood in line, Vicky (my mother in law) and Anna (my sister in law) left for Toys R Us at 5:30 AM. We were in line at 6 and were still waiting in line at 7:45. However we did get some GOOD deals, but I am not sure if it was worth it. Beside that, after 30 min i sent them to Target, but they could not even get out of the parking lot. So by the time I got checked out... they had only moved 50 feet. From there we went to the mall which was MUCH better and we still got some great deal.

Later that after noon we got the tree put up so we are officially decorated. We watched movies, played games, and had fun. Today we did some more shopping and went to church. Eric and his dad have gone to the UK Basketball game, and Vicky and I went to dinner with John Hunter and then watched ELF and wrapped gifts.

Tomorrow we will be resting.... and I mean TRULY resting. Monday is Gigi's birthday so I am sure we will have big fun then.

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The Purvis Family said...

sounds like you had a great thanksgiving! busy, are amazing for fighting the crowds, i didn't dare! i love your new are good at keeping up with it and the seasons!