Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Watch Out Martha

Today was a fun day. I took John Hunter to school and went to Walmart for the 3rd time in 15 hours... but I think all the shopping is done and to be honest, if it is not... so what! Oh with Walmart I had to go to Krogers to get lunch meat because Eric only likes the meat at Krogers but the cheese at Walmart.

I got all my outdoor lights done, that is because it is 70 in November. But at least it is done and I do have to say I love it.

John Hunter and I went to the Dr. and he got his flu shot. He hated every moment of it! He came home and took a good nap which is just what mommy wanted.

Now the fun part.... My Grande Auntie and I have been waiting to do this project since we found it over a month ago. So here it is.... a Thanksgiving cornucopia made out of bread sticks. You can see the progression of it. Tomorrow we are going to fill it with fruit, nuts and leaves. Martha's got nothing on me.

Also, for all you moms out there... I found some AMAZING Christmas card crafts to do with the little ones in the Family Fun Magazine... check them out!

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Wammy said...

we would love to know about the card ideas from family fun where can I find them?