Friday, November 16, 2007

Its the most Wonderful time....

We have been busy this week getting things ready for our company. We are so excited about Thanksgiving. Eric's parents are coming in from MN and his sister Sarah from CO, and his sister Anna and her husband from MO. Then at my parents house my Aunt B and Uncle Richard are coming from the beach and Uncle Alan and Aunt Pat from Maryland will be here. We love a full house.

So all week I have been organizing and getting ready. Really what that means is I have been decorating for Christmas. Now let me just say I am not really one to do this early, but with all these people coming I thought I would just rather go ahead and get it done. We are all decorated except the tree. I think we will do that with Eric's family, unless I just decided to go ahead a get it ALL done.

John Hunter is loving the decorations. He is especially found of ANYTHING that sings or plays music and ALL snowmen.

However tonight at Wal Mart I got him the Little People Nativity set and I really think he will enjoy that. He loves mine and thinks that all the animals are Tye. As you can see he REALLY loves Tye.

As far as the rest of this weekend we are just laying pretty low. Cleaning, preparing, and getting excited. Everyone arrives on Tuesday, and John Hunter is getting his second flu shot that day. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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