Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day #1:

So today was fairly uneventful... we got on the road and stayed there. We stopped a few times to strech out our legs, but other than that we drove.

Our first stop was necessary for Gigi because she was scared to death JH would be soaked... we changed his diaper and it was dry as the day we bought it. He then went on the big boy potty... and informed us he needed "panties". So I guess we will be making a trip to Target tomorrow. This was the same conversation each trip me made... no pee!! Just wanted to pee in the potty!

We stopped for dinner at the Horgan's house in Roswell GA. Patsy or otherwise known as Aunt Patsy is Eric's aunt. She is married to Uncle Dan and they have the most wonderful daughter.. Kylie, she is 7! john Hunter and Kylie had a great time playing and it was nice to get out of the car and move around.... Patsy made some yummy spegehtti with salad and bread. It was great and we appreciate it so much! After a few hours of play, we headed South of Atlanta so we could get an early start tomorrow!!! So we can see DADDY... oh and Mickey too!

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