Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week In Review

We have had a great week, and as I looked at my calendar this week I was blown away that it is already Feb. 2009! AHHHH! Oh well!

The ice/snow storm of 2009 started off a little lonely! After the first day I think John Hunter was tired of me. We entertained ourselves by playing in the ice (or playing hockey) taking Lots of bubble baths, and making cookies!

On Monday we did go to the mall with Shouse's, Purvis', and Olavsruds... Here are the girls!

Well lucky for us our friends the Purvis' lost power and Beth and Lucy were still there. So they loaded up the mini van and headed over. We had a great time. We did get a little stir crazy and started referring to our home as "The Romper Room".
But good times were had by all. On Thursday Morning (EARLY) we loaded up Jen vans with 4 carseats and 3 adults and headed to Louisville to drop the Olavsruds off at the airport. Jen and I took advantage of this time and went to the mall and let the boys play. On the way home Jen's power was restored, it was bittersweet. I was hoping for another house party!

On Friday John Hunter and I were on a major countdown because daddy was on his way home! Friday night Eric and I went out and celebrated my birhtday with our dear friends The Wainscott's at bar louie! There is a really cute picture, but it is on B's camera. So I will have to post it when I get it.!

Saturday was Happy Birhtday day! What a fun day waking up to balloons, gerber daisies, and doughnuts and my favorite guys in the world.! We met my parents for lunch and went pack to my parents for presents and cake! A dairy queen cake... YAY!!! What a fun time! We celebrated mine, Eric's, and Dad's birhtday!!! And when we got home this fun treat was waiting for me! Thank you IvyGirl!! It was yummy!

Went home for naps and it was so restful! When I woke up John Hunter was up and he came downstairs to play! I was on the phone and he was in the family room. He had taken the couch pillow that is full of stuffing and made it "snow"!!! It was a HUGE mess! But we left it to show Gigi and Granddad who came up for dinner! When Eric asked him what happened he said, "john hunter do?" So cute!

We were sad today that daddy had to leave, but we are on the countdown to Disney! I am making it my personal mission to blog each day I am gone... we will see if it happens!!

*** Here are some pics of our trees from the ice damage****


Abraun said...

Wow, I was wondering how bad you guys hot hit! Glad you didn't lose power or at least not for an extended period of time and that everyone is still safe and sound! I love the "snow" Hunter made:)! Too cute!

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