Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today made me happy!!!

Several things have made me happy today. I was just journaling and thinking about all the things today that make me happy I thought I would share. These are simple things... nothing too spiritual or large... just the little things:

1) Tye got shaved. Thank you PetSmart... now if it wasn't $50 I would have Deacon done... maybe another time

2) Target... Ivy and I journeyed to Target today... there is something about that red cart that makes me smile

3) Glitter Glue... John Hunter made a Valentine at school today that was covered in glitter glue. I loved it!

4) I got my nails dones this afternoon. It is such a wonderful treat and makes me feel like a princess

5) My house is clean... except the floor, but clean without dog hair!!

6) Laundry... now this NEVER makes my list! But the new detergent I got for my birthday makes my life happy. It smells so good as the sheets are in the dryer now!!! Glamor Girl Diva... a must have!7) John Hunter... he always makes me happy, but this picture makes me laugh

Oh... and I am leaving for Disney in the morning!

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Mama Smors said...

YAY!!! have so much fun :)