Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy 95th Aunt Libby

So the whole point of the Disney trip was to celebrate the life of my Great Aunt Libby. She turned 95 years old this month. Just looking back I was in shock of all the things she has experienced in her life. Her son Eric, interviewed her and it was so interesting to hear her tell some of her life story.

Let me share with you why Aunt Libby is so special to me. You see, my "Gran" played a very important role in my life. To many of you, you would say I am just like her. My whole life I have know about her best friend "Elizabeth... or Libby as we call her". The became best friends fast in the 7th grade. Which is when I met my 2 best friends! They did everything together. My Gran's father died when she was young and her and her mother survived the times on their own. Libby and Gran went to separate colleges, Libby to nursing school, Gran to teaching college. One weekend Gran called Libby to see if she wanted to double date. Gran would go with Lee Zoeckler and Libby would go with Dick Zoeckler. Brothers from Wheeling, WV. Well the dates went well, but at the end of the night the girls switched. Jean went home with Dick, and Libby went home with Lee. And that is where the story continues.

These 2 best friends married bothers. The spent the early years of the marriages remaining friends from a distance. My grandparents life demanded that the traveled often. But the girls still remained friends thought extensive letter and phone calls.

When the four were ready for a life of retirement they retired to Zellwood, FL. A small community near Orlando. I spent many summers in Zellwood. It was there I celebrated the 60th anniversary for Libby and Lee and Gran and Grandad. These girls were 2 peas in a pod. And what a sweet memory it was to celebrate 95 years of her life. My Gran would have be proud. She would have loved to have been there... but I went in her place!!!! Happy Birhtday Aunt Libby!

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