Monday, March 2, 2009


So as many of you know... I am obsessed with this show. It brings me great joy on Monday nights and I have so fallen in love with the girls. I would love to be on this show... to slap some sense into some of those girls... and TO JASON! On my drive home tonight I was thinking that is why Chris Harrison is the host and not some girl!!!

So tonight was girls night. How fun is that! Several of my girlfriends got together and watched the show. We met at Katie's house and when you pulled up there were red heart shaped balloon, a wedding gown in the foyer, and red roses everywhere! There was even a rose on a silver platter:) How cute was that. The food was yummy, the fellowship was priceless, and the show was AWFUL!

How many times did Jason cry? How many therapist is Tye gonna have to see over his lifetime? Do you think Melissa will ever get over him? Why couldn't he just pick Deanna and we would all be happy? Don't even get me started on Mollie... would you settle for someone elses leftovers? And then he invited her to coffee? What are they supposed to just hang out out at starbucks and chat:
Jason, "How have you been?"
Mollie, "Sad, hows the weather in Seattle?"
Jason, "Rainy, like my eyeballs because I am a jerk and break girls hearts and then cry about it and pretend to make it all about my son, and it is All ABOUT ME".
And yes they have to take Chris to coffee because to do not know how to function with out him!

I am so upset with his decision, I feel bad for Melissa, and so proud she stood her ground, I think Mollie is a venner toothed idiot for taking him back.

But all that to say I will be watching tomorrow night. However I am confident he will propose because they having been together secretly... it will come out... just you wait!

Oh and one last thought... do you have to wear a bumpit to be on that show... I mean I want one, but come on now?????


Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

Your Jason-Molly conversation just made me laugh OUT LOUD at work! He is a bit of an actor, isn't he?! I'm glad to have another psycho friend who blogs about this ridiculousness...that's why I love you so much!

Mama Smors said...

i was not happy last night at all!!! i really felt like some of it was staged.... i wanted melissa to slap jason and then run into molly on the way to the limo and tell her what was about to go down so they could leave together. ugh! no more watching this show~ well except tonight.... where they prob will announce that molly is pregnant as a result of their camping sleepover! ugh

majorfam said...

I am so glad that other people are so appalled by this craziness. Seriously. This world would be a scary place if we all went around "following our hearts." I was so mad!

majorfam said...
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