Sunday, March 22, 2009

Easter's on it's way

Many of you know this about me, but Easter is my MOST favorite holiday! There is something about this time of year that means so much. I now that I have a child, I have spread the love for the season on to my child. It all started about 3 weeks ago when we picked up the brand new Miss Patty Cake.

Say what you will but this video, but it does a great job of telling the Easter story on a toddler level. Since then we have bought Easter Hymns for kids, sang Easter songs, made palm branches, talked about Jesus, his friends, and the donkey... we LOVE the donkey!

Gigi bought us the Resurrection Eggs the other day and we busted them out this weekend. To say we LOVE these eggs would be an understatement. IT is a very simple and easy way to share the story of Jesus and very interactive for parents and child.

I love telling the story and it doesn't get old. I am also loving watching John Hunter learn and understand the story. When he opens the egg and the donkey comes out he yells.... HOSANNA. And goes on to say, Jesus rode the donkey into town, or when he opens the pink egg and 3 coins fall out and he tells me that Jesus' friend chose money over Jesus. Or when the blue egg is opened and it is empty and he yells... Jesus is ALIVE!

I have several more Easter things up my sleeve for this Easter season, but those ideas will come later:) Until then... we are learning the ULTIMATE EASTER SONG:

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The Fiskeaux Family said...

Caspian is obsessed with Miss Pattycake, but we only have one video ourselves. Sounds like the Easter one is worth picking up!