Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter Party

We had some friends over yesterday for an Easter play-date!!! It was super fun, there were about 15 toddlers/kids and their Moms. We had pizza, cupcakes, watched Miss Patty Cake (and ALL the kiddos watched it). Then I told the Resurrection Eggs story, and it was so cute to hear all the kiddos get involved. It was like I was back in Children's Ministry!!! Then we did an Easter craft!

If i haven't mentioned it before I have to tell you how much I love Easter.... everything about it. I just put the finishing touches on my Easter cards to our families... it is truly the most wonderful time. I think it is fitting that John Hunter and I are going to Indy around Easter.... it makes my heart happy to spread some Easter joy there!

Here are some fun pics our time together:)

this is John Hunter holding his ears as Baby Emily and Baby Anna let out a small cry!

Toddlers eating pizza:)

Loving ladies watching Miss Patty Cake
Sweet Bella Grace... John Hunter LOVES this girl! He woke up and said, Where's Bella? I need her?
All the Madness:)

Julianna Frank, Emmy Taylor, and Avery Carter's Easter Craft:)

Sweet twins... this could make me want another little one!!!

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