Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter Craft Fun

Here is a fun Easter Craft to do with your kiddos... it takes a little help on your part, but your kiddos will love the gluing and the final product!

What you need:
1- empty/ cleaned out 1 gallon milk jug
1- 6 or 8 inch Styrofoam ball
2- Bags of 200 ct. cotton balls
1- Bottle of Glue
2- Googly Eyes
1- sheet of white foam paper
1- sheet of pink foam paper
1- package of black pipe cleaner
Easter Grass and Eggs for inside decor

Holding the milk jug by the handle cut out at 4-6 inch window oppoiste of the handle!

Place the head/ styrofam ball on the jug (with the lid off) and press in place. Remove the ball and place glue where the indention is and reattach head to jug (let set of a bit... sometimes this is good to have done before the project starts, or this can be done the night before)

Using the white foam paper draw a bunny ear. Cut out and then trace for the second ear. Draw a smaller ear for the inside using the pink foam paper. Cut out and then trace for the second inner ear. Glue the pink inner ear to the white ear for each ear.

I attached my ears to white lollipop sticks, but you can use anything. Craft sticks, pipe cleaner, etc. Attach the ears to the bunny's head.

Open the cotton balls and place in a large bowl. Putting glue on small sections apply cotton balls until the entire bunny is covered.

Attach googly eyes

Cut a nose and 2 cheeks from pink foam paper and attach with glue!

Use black pipe cleaner to make mouth and attach with glue!

Fill the inside of the bunny with grass and Easter eggs.... and Peter Cotton tail will be right at your home! Enjoy...

**** if you have questions let me know...
ALL supplies can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart****

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Jennifer said...

We love the Easter craft! Jack loved the glue part! Please give us other crafts when you do them. Hope the move is going well.

Jennifer Baker