Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

The White Family had a wonderful weekend. However it is Sunday afternoon and we are TIRED! Eric decided on a whim to come home Friday night and I could not have been more thrilled! I was giddy till he got here! We was giddy to get John Hunter out of bed on Saturday morning. After some time of morning play we went to breakfast with Gigi and Grandad... and it was yummy!

I went to a baby shower on Saturday for my dear friend Emily Stout and sweet baby Camden. It was so fun to have to some girl time and it was fun for daddy and John Hunter to have some daddy time. And they must have enjoyed it because when I got home the were BOTH napping.

Naps were a good thing because we got to go to the Luce Center to celebrate Turner's 5th birthday. It was a star wars theme, and it was super fun. Eric made the comment that the kids played hard with balls, hula hoops, bikes, etc, for almost 1.5 and no one got stitches... a huge accomplishment. However Eric did almost loose Carson THREE times... yikes! It was such fun and we were happy to celebrate the life of my buddy....

After the party we went to dinner with the Purvis and then back to their house for playtime and games. We did not get home till well past midnight, and we are tired. We got up and went to church which was awesome... and as always John Hunter had to check out the guitars and drums. Poor kid... he is obsessed. Eric left for Indy this afternoon and we were all sad, but we are going up there later this week so it made the good-bye not so bad:)

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Emmers said...

You are so sweet, giving me a shout out my friend. I loved spending time with you lovely ladies and LOVE all the cute stuff. My timer is awesome...I have the batteries in and have been practicing. I love ya. Thanks friend.