Thursday, March 5, 2009


These are the words that define the past couple of days for us. We have played and we have played hard. As many of you know John Hunter is WAY into music. He only likes shows if they have music in them.. not just in the song, but full on musical.

We introduced him to Annie this past weekend and he walks around singing, "the sun will come out tomorrow, so ya gotta hang on till tomorrow". Yes we fast forwarded through the rough parts... little girls, the ladder chase, etc. However I am thinking I am gonna put Newsies in his easter basket... will that be for him or me???? Santa fe, are you there????Well after several hours of soccer he decided he was gonna play the drum. He loves the drums but not as much as the piano. So I was enouraging a little drum play! Well he started cracking up and said, Mommy take a picture of me to send to daddy. So I did. He said, "I will leave the drum on... daddy will think I am funny".

What a crack up!!!!

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The Oakes said...

I'm the king of New York! Yes, the Easter basket needs a little Newsies to it!