Friday, March 6, 2009

Paint It Up!

So our friend Katie and her little boy Samuel invited us to The Art Box today. It is a paint your own pottery place and we had a blast. We invited our friends Jen and Carson to join us and Taryn and Taytum came too!! Along with Sam’s neighbor Jackson and his mom.

Let me just say this place is AWESOME! It was $12 and they got to hear 2 stories, paint 2 pieces of pottery and have snack time! Oh and they got to clean up. It was kinda funny because John Hunter was loving cleaning up. He was using a sponge and cleaning the table singing “it’s a hard knock life for us.” OOPS! Too much Annie!

Anyway they painted 2 Easter Eggs which went with the books we read. It was messy and the kiddos LOVED it! Paint right on the table and roll, roll, roll! As you can see, the painting today was HUGE hit!

After we painted we went with the Purvis to Bellacino’s,.. just thought the pics were cute of “junter and Carson”.

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Lora said...

Where is this place??