Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th Of July Recap

We had a WONDERFUL 4th of July here in Indy. We went to some friends house for lunch and had an EXCELLENT time... however I didn't bring my camera :(

After the lunch cookout we came home to take naps... and let me mention I needed it! Well while I was taking my nap my sweet and wonderful husband went and bought me a GREAT gift.... a new camera. I have been looking at them for a while, and signed up for some photography classes, but this really sealed the deal. It is a Sony DSLR-300A.... and it is awesome! I love love love it! Thank you babe!

So with my new camera in hand and potato casserole as well as all of us in our 4th of July gear we walked through the rain to Larry & Sherry's house for a good ole' cookout. (They just live next store so we didn't get that wet) We had a great time, made some new friends, ate WAY TOO MUCH FOOD, and did a TON of fireworks. For the past couple of weeks we had been joking with Larry who said he wasn't buying any... so his son little Larry went and spent his $33 dollars of lawn mowing money to buy some. We lit those of Friday night, and Big Larry came through. He went to Sam's and bought the big guns. We did fireworks for HOURS. It was a blast!

We had a great 4th of July and are thankful for friends who took us in and have befriended us... but more importantly we are thankful for our freedom and the men and women who fought to give us that freedom. The words of God Bless American sums it up the best!

Our Father's God to thee. Author of Liberty, to Thee we Sing. Long may our land be bright, by freedom's holy light. Protect us by Thy might, Great God our King!

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