Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Train recap

So I am sitting here on the train with John Hunter asleep, just talked to Eric to say good night, and I got the giggles. He asked what was so funny and I just said it was the number of characters that I have encountered today….

The train has been a great experience for the $120 we spent, but the laughs that I have had are priceless. I just wish John Hunter was old enough to share them with me….

So I am going to recap the highlights in list style:

F First train, the woman brought her box fan and plugged it in and set it between her legs. It was so funny… what was even funnier was that I took a pic

- The lady in front of us was wearing a shower cap and John Hunter said to her “why you have that shower hat on?” She responded, “so I don’t mess up my hair” He came back with, “cause you washed it, because it stinks” GREAT!

- Too k the “red cap” cart to from the train to the baggage check after the frist train. I started up this HUGE converstaion with the lady on the train, who just started nodding… then when she went to say something to her daughters, they all started signing

- While in the “holding room” at union station in Chicago they were showing the funernal of Michael Jackson… though MANY people seemed to care, my only objective was to entertain the 2 year old who was not pleased with the 4 hour lay over. So we read one of his workbooks and started doing his ABC’s. He started singing and this LARGE man stared right at him and said, “come on son, respect the dead, we are trying to pay tribute to the KING”

- Well I am not sure if it was exaustion or just pure anger, but my response to the man was “unless your King ressurects in 3 days we will continue to learn our ABC’s

- John Hunter and I made reservations for the “dinner car” for dinner. It was a fun little date we were going to have. We explored the train before dinner and went and got in line. Well it was not just JH and I, they put you with other guest… so that meant we had to make small talk, just what I wanted to do…

- The good news is that JH charmed the waitress with his blue eyes and blonde hair so we were able to get some free ice cream

- We made our way back to the seats and watched Newies, which is a personal highlight for me!

-TThe lady next to mean has offically been given the award “WORST MOTHER EVER” From the 8+ hours I heard her talk on the cell phone (which apparently she doesn’t know how to put on vibrate because it went off OVER AND OVER) she has 7 children, all with different men, but only 2 with her. She has cussed, screamed, and talked down to the kids so much that I just want to take them home with me… however, I can only check 2 bags! AHHHH… people, please!

Well we are 20 min from the MN train station… I have offically been traveling for 19 hours…. But there is an end in sight! And I have to say I am SUPER thankful for my sister in law who has already asked to spend some time with JH in the morning so I can sleep in… of course you can Auntie S!


The Oakes said...

I personally think you may be crazy but I'm sure JH thinks you are the greatest mom in the whole wide world for taking him on "Thomas." Wow those are some stories! Love the fan pic! Hope it all ended well!!

Emmers said...

Just read this with my friend Jaci and we are in stitches about your trip...not so much about mean mom, so sorry.

Mama Smors said...