Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday to ME!!!

Today is my 1/2 Birthday... now come one people... in 6 months I am gonna be 30!!! Can you believe it. Here are my goals for the next 6 months... before I am 30!

1) Loose 30 pounds
2) Go on a weekend get away with just Eric
3) Visit some friends
4) Become an aunt (this has nothing to do with me, but I will be an aunt in the next 6 months)
5) Daily spend time in the Word... Jesus ministry began at 30... so I will let you fill in the rest
6) Start planning a party... for my 30th... it's coming in 6 months in case you havent heard
7) Sell/Rent our home in Lexington and find the perfect home for us here in Indy
8) Ummm... there are a few more, but I will leave those for later :)

Happy 1/2 Birthday to me.... if you read the below post you will find out we are having a cook out tonight... I am thinking about making 1/2 a b-day cake for tonight :) How fun would that be???

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Ava said...

Regarding #4 there, I can think of at least one person who will be very upset if it takes 6 months for you to be an aunt! :D