Friday, July 31, 2009

Cookout Tonight

So tonight is a big night in my world. As many of you know Eric and I love to entertain. We love having parties, people over, and everything that goes with it. Summer is our favortie time to do it, and when we lived in LEX we had the perfect house to entertian, and the perfect backyard for everyone to play in.

Well... that is not the case here at Valleyveiw Drive. We don't even have a table. This week I hosted a Baby Shower but not at our house... there is just no place to have everyone... we don't even have a kitchen table.... AHHHH. This has been frustrating for Eric and I and it is something we talk about EVERY WEEKEND. We miss it. IT is something we did together and we both loved.

Well yesterday some of my girlfriends decided we should have a cookout... no one was stepping up to the plate to host, and Eric suggested that we just bite the bullet and host. So I agreed and here we go. It has been a humbling experience. We only have 7 dishes (one broke), not our nice glasses, and everything we serve, entertain with, etc. is all in storage. I went to make lemonade and all I have is a chepo plastic pitcher from college. Oh how I miss you beautiful glass pitcher with the "W" etched on it.

This whole cookout has been a humbling experience for me. I am learning that it is more about the people than the presention. However, my whole life I have lived by "presentation is everything". So tonight we are going to do our best with what we have... or don't have. As in I just texted everyone and said, please bring your own camping chairs because we dont have enough for people to sit down :)

Oh well... this will be fun. Pictures to be posted later!!!

PS... I mowed the lawn for Eric today for the big cookout and I just wanted to put it in writing that this will be the last time I mow Valleyview Drive. No one was here to watch JH so he had to follow me the whole time with his bubble mower which made the job TERRIBLE!!!!

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Emmers said...

So proud of you...I know that the cookout will be incredible, you have such a huge heart and that is all that my friend is presentation!