Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No good, horrible, very bad day...

Mark it in your calendar, July 1, 2009 has been one for the record books. Instead of writing about it... I am going to do it "Kendra Style" here is a LIST of this bad day:

- Woke up at 4:20 AM with terrible HEART BURN
- Got a call from Eric that when he left for work Deacon had pooped in his kennel (of course he left it)
- Open John Hunter's door to see that he too had pooped in his room (not in his diaper, according to him "he stunks... which means stinks)
- The kennel was covered in doggy diarrhea
- Took Deacon outside barefoot only to step on a broken, old, rusty, cuff link which when straight into the bottom of my left foot... knocked me off my feet. So here I am laying on the ground, with a dog covered in poop, a cuff link in my foot, and a two year old who is ONLY wearing a long sleeve t-shirt... a sight I tell you
- Gave the dog a bath and put him back in the clean kennel to dry off... only to come back and see that he had pooped AGAIN... repeat bath
- Let him dry off inside and, you guessed it POOP
-Foot hurts, finally got a shower, off to local clinic to get a tetanus shot... which is a 2 hour wait
- Get shot, come home, put JH to bed, and started wagon decor
- Oh wait.. doc said there is some swelling around the puncture site, should try to stay off my foot for 8-12 hours (ok doc... you got a perscription for a doggy sitter, 2 year old entertain, wagon decorator, laundry folder, self ironing shirts, and cook, mommy, wife, etc.... I didn't think so!)

Well it is only THREE in the afternoon so there is still time for this day to look up!
Let's pray it does!


The Oakes said...

I hope the rest of the day turned out better... a lot better!

Emmers said...

Are you kidding.....friend, so sorry, what a day!

Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

OH I'm so sorry! Hope the foot is feeling better!

The Purvis Family said...

crack me up....not really, but really :) hopefully the few days after the 1st have made up for your bad day!