Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Fun

My parents came into town this weekend. I knew they were coming on Thursday but their time of arrival was unknown. On Thursday my class had their I love You party where the children bring invite on parent/guest to come. I had been telling my mom all week about it, and guess who showed up as my guest... MY PARENTS! I screamed, and it was a SUCH a treat!
Friday we went to the children's museum here in Indy and it was a first for JH and I. We loved it. Each exhibit was something fun.. and don't even get me started on the carousel. There was a Bob of Builder exhibit there and he loved it... he just played and played! We were there for almost 3 hours and let me just say it was a guaranteed nap!

Friday night Eric and I also had the chance to have a GREAT date night! We went to Scottys Brewhouse with some friends and then to hear the Travellers play at Joes.... it was funny because Eric and I were almost giddy! I laughed because my parents took JH and went to dinner and we got ready (like dressed up) and got in the car, started jammin to Kings Of Leon and he said, "i feel like I am single again"... what he meant to say was "i feel like we are childless and carefree again". We had so much fun with good food, good fellowship, good music... oh i wish we had gotten a pic :( boo hiss! We did not get home until WAY past our bedtime, but we had fun!
Today we have had fun hanging out just chillin, and tomorrow we have JH singing at church... I am confident that there will be pics of that!

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