Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heal Us Lord Jesus

This week can basically be summed up with "DO OVER PLEASE". Last week I took JH to the ER because his breathing and cough were so bad. They diagnosed him with strep and double ear infection along with a "wet cough" They started him on some meds and we thought he was on the mend, that was until this weekend when he took a turn for the worst!

We went to the doctor with a high fever, ear pain, cough, and labored breathing! We went to a new pediatrician (which i like but was NO Dr. Wilkes) He was great, he said his ears were not healed and he wanted to do a chest x-ray. JH was so brave, but he did NOT want a bracelet! Which is a hospital band, he was so funny about not wanting another one!
The doctor sent us home with steroids and meds and said we were treating the double ear infection and the croup. He was going to have a radiologist look at the x-rays and call us if need be.

We are still coughy and weapy, oh and we still have a low grade fever. Well the phone rang and you guessed it... the radiologist called and we have pneumonia. We will be going back for more chest xrays... poor Magoo. He has been through the ringer. Please Lord Jesus heal our son. We cannot wait for him to return to perfect health. Please keep our little family in your prayers if you think about it... they are much appreciated!


The Oakes said...

I am so sorry Kendra. That first picture makes me want to cry. I just hate it for him and for you too, praying that he is already getting better.

Camden's Corner said...

Poor baby!!!