Friday, February 19, 2010

Humbling Mommy Moment

So today we loaded up to go buy John Hunter a new pair of tennis shoes. His current shoes were rubbing sores on his poor toes. So we went to rack room seeing how Eric needed a pair as well!

There were several areas of breakdown in communication. I assumed we would get him some Nike Shox, new balance, or something semi-cool! Well the wall of shoes allured my child and my husband. John Hunter started yelling he was so excited there were black (all black) Lighting McQueen light up shoes. And my first response was, "oh John Hunter those are terrible we DON'T to character shoes." And you could see the excitement just leave his poor little body. He said, "I am sorry mommy".

Eric said if he wants them he can have them, their just tennis shoes. I again responded... NOT IN LOVE! We don't do character shoes. I started thinking about all the times he would wear them, and started thinking about what I wanted, or what I preferred. And in the grand scheme of things.... at least we are able to provide shoes for our son. And Well in that moment I just started thinking. We will be out of these shoes in a few months. It is almost croc season, and they are making him so happy. Well then we saw the Toy Story ones. They too light up and they too have characters on them... but they made one little three year old smile so big and he was so proud. So we bought them, well after I apologized to my son for being so worried about what I wanted and not what he wanted!
As we were driving home I started thinking about school on Thursday. A little girl in my class had just gotten a pair of princess light up tennis shoes and she was SOOOOO proud of them. When she showed them to me all I could think was, I cannot believe that her parents got her those. Isn't God funny that way. He can use Character light up shoes to humble us.


Mama Smors said...

character shoes... i remember a conversation we had about this!!! hahaha :) hope i don't have to eat my words too!

Meghan said...

Ahahahahahah....LOVE THIS. I remember the first pair of character shoes I bought Maggie....and Owen....and I am sure in time Josie. :) And I too always said, "I WON'T do character shoes." I still haven't given in to character clothes though. :) And I found character shoes make great "play outiside" shoes.