Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the mudane

Today, as in many days of my life, I have a list longer than a mile. I am not sure how all this stuff creeps up or why it does not get done, or really, why it never ends. Things like laundry (which I loath), loading and unloading the dishwashers, taking out the trash, and the list could go on and on.

I have added some fun things to my list, a target run, deposit money in the bank, and I decided since I spend a lot of time in the laundry room it is gonna be my sort of "prayer closet". So I have been writing down Scripture I would like to memorize so I can at least enjoy something while in the middle of my misery!

It is not that stuff is hard to do, or even that big of a deal, it the fact that it is constant and mundane. There is no reward for cleaning a toilet, because once a certain little 3 year old pees it is dirty again. And don't even get me started on sliding glass door mixed with 2 big dogs:) It is always dirty... but it is mine to clean.

So where is the joy in the mundane? Do you ever just want to put all the "mom chores" on hold and go get your nails done. Oh please tell me you do. Or maybe you want to sit a Starbucks without wiping a runny nose and just hope dinner appears on the table, but the reality is... in this season of life, that is not gonna happen! So where is the joy? I have praying that the LORD would use the mundane to teach me more about him. Our lives are not extravagant, we are just ordinary people with simple lives. I work part time, my husband works all the time, and we have a son who goes anytime he can. But I have been trying to be at home more, enjoying what the LORD has provided us with, and finding joy in mopping the floors. It's hard, but right now its my call. It is where he has me. It is where he is using me to serve my son and husband.

So where does the LORD have you, are you seeking Him, serving Him, and loving him... even in the mundane? IF you are let me suggest... the mop makes a great mic for singing praise to your maker!


Kelley said...

Love this post Kendra! I feel ya on the never-ending "to-do" list. Thanks for the great reminder!

leann said...

I really appreciated your post! Being a stay at home mom is much less joyful than I ever imagined. Many days feel like you accomplish nil....except maybe play referee between the fighting kids! But I heard a song the other day that just resonated in me.....One Heartbeat At A Time, by Steven curtis chapman...Every mommy needs to hear this song! After reading your post, I was doing dishes that evening and thinking how mundane that job is. But when I listened to the background, it was 2 kids playing with dad. I wouldn't have heard that sweetness if I was doing something else.