Friday, February 5, 2010

Finding the Hero in Your Husband

So this morning at MOPS this was theme... I kinda laughed at Eric about it, but the talk ended up being really good! Throughout the meeting I kept texting Eric about the one-liners that she so I thought I would share them with you!

She was talking about how submission is hard thing. How your husband should be the head of the household and so often we want to sneak into that role! Her quote was "anything with 2 heads is a monster". Isn't that so true. If I saw something coming towards me with 2 heads I would be scared beyond belief. That's marriage. When we as wives try to become the head of the house our families, lives, and marriage becomes a monster... so run from it!

Socks on the floor is not death on the cross! I needed this! When Eric leaves all this ties, coats, socks, and gym clothes lying around, I loose it. It is not that he is saying, ohhhh i am gonna put this here just to tick her off, but more likely he just throws them and moves on to the next thing! It is not worth the death in order to have a cleaned up floor!

This is the one where you fill in the blanks... rest assured I can fill in my own blanks. She said that when you feel like you are frustrated, angry, and just plain not in the spirit we tend to act out. So finish this sentence.... I cannot loose my marriage over _________________. What is it for you, my list could be oh so long, money, cleaning, etc. But in the heat of the moment remind yourself of this!

*** In honor of my Hero of a Husband, I thought I would put a picture up of our wedding (almost 6 years ago) and one of this past weekend!

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