Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get Well Ta

Eric's Grandmother (on his mother's side) affectionately know as Ta is in the hospital. She had pnemonia and it has gotten increasingly worse. They have had to transport to a bigger hospital who can help with the problem. She is in ICU and still struggling with her oxygen levels!

Here is the update I have on Frankie. They are NOT doing the scope today, she is however in ICU. Her breathing is still shallow and she is very fragile. She knows they are here, but sleeping unless she is coughing. Not doing much better. The doctor is not sure of the cause. If she is not improved by tomorrow then they will scope down the throat and into a lung. That will probably result in in having her on a ventilator because any exertion is hard on her. They expect her to be in the hospital for AT least another week.

This could be something fungal, which is treatable, however it is a 6 month treatment and has risk. If it is viral that is NOT good but at least we would know. So the scope will tell us thaT.

Please pray for Ta... we are asking for the LORD to heal her!

*** this picture above was taken at her 80th birthday party in July.. how sweet is that!

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