Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gym, Gym, and More Gym

Today I got up and went to the gym with and head and heart full and ready to go. I have been listening to some amazing music during my workout and it has been such a place of peace for me:) While I was working out John Hunter played in the gym area for kiddos:) I showered and got ready there and it was REALLY nice to not have to get ready with 2 yellow labs and a 2 year old... so some mommy time was greatly appreciated!

After the gym we went to John Hunter gym's, which we kept calling "gymnastics". He absolutely LOVED it. And it was a guaranteed good nap! We met some friends from MOPS there and it was great to have some playtime and some Mommy time. We will for sure be back to the "My Gym" and if there is one in your area I would HIGHLY recommend you check it you. At least for the "pay to play" which is ONLY $5.

After nap we had an appointment for getting our hair did:) We went to Cookies Cutters and John Hunter loved it. He started out by picking his movie "Barney Sing Along" and this his "ride" a tractor! He did really good and I was please with the final product!

Since Daddy is AWAY we treated ourselves to our favorite Mexican resturant... dessert and ALL! What a fun way to end a day that started out at the gym!

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Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

LOVE the haircut! And I'm so jealous of the fun gyms...I need that right now!