Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Q & A Kendra Style

*** This photo has NOTHING to do with this post, however I found it on dad's computer and LOVE it. It is from dinner one night at Disney***

We have been a Gigi and Granddad's since yesterday, and are going home tomorrow... however we have had a great time with friends and family! But I am so sleepy. Today was a sad day because it was John Hunter's last day of Great Escape... when I went to pick him up all the teachers were crying:) So that got me started!

I have pics to post but I left my laptop at get ready. Tomorrow mom and I are going to a mother/daughter brunch for MUMS then I have to get a crown put on... and not the princess kind!

However my friend Darby has inspired me with a get to know you better... so I am opening up my comments to any and everyone to ask what more they would like to know about me, my family, my God, etc. Keep it clean and kind... and I will do my best to respond:)

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Holly said...

Looks like some fun photos, even if they are about something completely different! I hate leaving my camera (or the cord) behind! It's so frustrating!