Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcoming Weekend

This weekend was wonderful. It started out on Friday with MOPS at church and it was a mommy and me MOPS. John Hunter and I had a great time meeting new people and playing with other kiddos:)

Gigi and Granddad arrived around 4 and we were so THRILLED to see them:) We loaded up and drove around, and looked at our top 2 houses! We were able to go into one and not the other, but we stalked it good. We followed up house hunting with mom's favorite dinner spot Panchos. It was WONDERFUL! We came home and played the night away.Saturday we went to breakfast and then to the park. It was beautiful here. We came back and unloaded the car. Eric was thrilled to have his grill... and I was thrilled to have some more stuff from home. Mom and I went shopping and the boys watched golf. Then Eric and I were able to get out and have some alone time. We went to the store and got some yummy food for dinner. Eric grilled out and to say the least... it was EXCELLENT! We had an awesome dessert ,food,
family, and fun!

Kathy and Fred sent John Hunter some fun treats... here he is enjoying them!
Sunday we woke up in full celebratory mode! Happy Palm Sunday! We met mom and dad at church and had an awesome time of worship and message. John Hunter even got his first palm branch. You have no idea how good it did my heart to see him wave that branch and say, "Hosanna". (stay tuned...more Easter fun to come this week). We went to this awesome lunch and then came home to weather the storm. We said a tearful good-bye to Gigi and Granddad, and then enjoyed the afternoon of thunderstorms and naps!To recap this weekend was we look forward to a week of rain and snow. We have NO plans for this week, but that is kinda nice!

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