Thursday, April 30, 2009

It was that day that should NEVER been

Yesterday was the day that should have never been! It ended up being a great day! We were supposed to be a getting our new minivan (I should clarify... new to us!) around 11 so we could leave to go to Minnesota to visit Eric's family. About 15 min. before we were supposed to pick it up they called and say it should be around 1! So our Aviator was loaded up and weust hung out.... we went to the dealer around 12:20 to finish the paper work and what not.On the way to the dealer, mom called to tell me that she and dad were at the ER because dad was working on a job and was using a ladder. He got off the ladder to anwser a call from me, and when he moved the somehow knocked the ladder and the grinder saw fell off and was on and cut his arm. Then spent some time in the ER and then went to the specialist, where they put his arm in a sling and then scheduled him for surgery for today at 6:30AM!

Well around 1they forgot to get the work done to the car. As you can imagine it was not pretty. They promised us it would be ready by 2. We I went to entertain John Hunter at Stake and Shake.... and that lasted a little while. We came back... and you guessed it THE VAN WAS NOT READY! So we waited... with our 2 year old who was trying so hard to be patient and good.** JH playing with Ruff at the dealer**
But Eric and I were so irriated we just didn't care what they thought of him! So it started to become a little bit of a joke because EVERYONE was blow away about how long it was taking. The manager came out and gave us $125 gift cards to Walmart which was nice. And in my mind I already had spent. I really want a arm band to use with my iphone while at the gym (HINT HINT.... dear husband).

At 4:30 PM we left the dealer and went on our way. We pulled off around 6 to get JH something to eat because he had not slept and we knew if he had a fully belly that might help. We got all the way to Gary, IN (which is south of Chicago) and a car pulls over and tells us we have a flat. So we pull off... in a NOT SO NICE AREA! And strart to investiage. AAA is a 4 hour wait... so we pull out our handy dandy iphones and start searching. Well after several stops for fix a flat and air we pulled into a Wal-Mart for them to have tire fixed.

Of course they didn't have the tire we needed, and then they found one. So I got JH out... at the nasty Wal-Mart in the USA and he was COVERED in pee! **JH in front of the tire display at Wal-Mart**
**JH throwing a fit at Wal-Mart, and I wanted to throw one too**

So I changed him and put on his PJ's. So here we are trying once again to entertain our 2 year old who had not napped... and we were tuckered. (GROSS SIDE NOTE... I was trying to entertain JH by tickling him... well he laughed so hard the WORLDS LARGEST BOOGIE blew out and went into my eye. In good ole' Kendra style I freaked out and Eric and to come and pick my son's booger out of my eye... AHHHHH) All that to say the $125 gift cards were gone since the tire was $220! But by 8:30 we were on our way!

JH finally fell asleep and we were on our way... we still had another 5 to 6 hours to go. The traffic was rough... and we were tried. We pulled off a couple of times to switch drivers... and finally at 3AM MN time (4 AM Indy time) we arrived. With a tried family who needed some sleep. I called to check on dad and JH and Eric slept in a separate room that was dark which would hopefully allow them to sleep longer... well at least that is what I told them because my MIL had turned on the electric blanket for me and I was thrilled to crawl into a warm bed.

JH was up and at them so we were too. Eric and I slept for 4 hours total so today during nap we slept... well Eric slept. I couldn't! But I will soon! We are safe and sound in MN, we had a great day with Eric's grandparents and a wonderful dinner! But we are tuckered out... Uncle Matt arrives in about an hour and we are thrilled to see him.

** Going on a walk with Tuff (Pa & Ta)**

Dad is home from surgery, they had t0 repair the main nerves and tendons. It also got his ligaments. The hopefully were able to repair the whole thing. He will start physical therapy soon and will not be able to drive the bike for about 6 weeks. We are so thankful he is ok and pray for a speedy recovery!

Until tomorrow!


The Purvis Family said...

whew! what a how you photographed the tantrum in walmart :) i need to start doing camera might be on overload though!!!

Mama Smors said...

that is a lot of drama for one day!! hope the rest of your trip is good after that rough start :)

Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

That is a TERRIBLE DAY!! I'm so sorry!