Thursday, August 19, 2010

A bad attitude

So John Hunter has been a little under the weather. His ears of course, but it can make life REALLY difficult. I started thinking about how trying it is when your child is sick. It's not the sickness that gets me, its the complaining, whining, attitude, and pure misery that accompany the sickness. I know once the meds kick in we'll be better, but this time it has been so hard and difficult on me!
However it got me thinking, there are times when I am grouchy, whiney, and have a bad attitude towards my heavenly Father. Maybe things aren't going the way I want, maybe i am living on my on will instead of His, just maybe I am not living in the Spirit. I know how frustrated I am with John Hunter, and yes I love him unconditionally, but even at his worst it is hard to give him my best. Praise the LORD this is not true of my Jesus, His best is all he has for me, even at my worst. This concept has really hit home with me over the past few days! Lord, help me be more like you!

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