Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This sweet pea has left the building...

So today we packed up JH and sent him to MN for a week with his Nana and Big Daddy. To say this is HUGE is an understatement. This was a total last minute thing, but he was excited! We are excited for him and I know he will have a great time but we are missing him SOOOO bad right now.

Here is a list of things I have accomplished today:
1) Decorated Eric's MetLife office
2) Walked around Hobby Lobby
3) Dropped off some stuff at church
4) Went to the Library and picked up some good reads
5) Went to target
6) Cleaned and cleaned out my kitchen
7) Took a nap
8) Paid bills
9) Wrote snail mail letters to friends
10) Cleaned out and PURGED all the toys and put together a new toy box
11) Ate dinner with my hubby
12) Long hot bubbly bath
13) Curled up with a good book
14) Now it's 10 PM and we are headed to BW3's for $.10 wings :)

Now the only question is what will tomorrow hold....

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