Sunday, August 8, 2010

God of this City

Almost two years ago is when Chris Tomlin's God of this city came out. I remember sitting in southland singing it as they displayed local places that were my "home". At this point we had begun talk of moving to Indy and each time I heard that song visions of Lexington ran through my head. This was my home... these were my people, this is all I have known. I love it (and still do).

We moved to Indy and nothing was home for me. We lived in a rental house that was not home and my life was just not in a good place. We sang God of the City a lot at our church here (east 91st street) and even then visions of Lexington danced in my head. Indy has become a our home, have friends him, we have community, and we have a church that we LOVE, not because of the people but because of the peoples heart for the city and others.

Today was not different. Our church closed its doors and met in the middle of downtown Indy along with 2 other churches. As we were sitting there waiting for the service to start all i could think of was the song "God of this City".... God is not only in Lexington, He is everywhere....He is in Indy, He is in Lexington, he is not in the walls of the church... we are the church!

Thank you God for preparing the way as we moved here... and thanks for being the God of this City!

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