Monday, August 23, 2010

Photo Time

So for some time now I have been itching to get some pics of JH taken. There are SOOOOO many talented photographers that we know and could use, but when I started weighing price of photos to all the other "needs" in our life, I used BIG GIRL JUDGEMENT and decided to do it myself.

Last night I read all I could about taking photos, editing, clothing options, etc. And this morning I geared JH up for getting his photos taken. He was pretty good, and all I was hoping was for a few good shots. So here was today photoshoot! Way to go JH!


Mama Smors said...

oh my goodness... kendra, you did an excellent job!!! love the outfit :) jh did a good job being a model. i can't believe how big he is getting. they grow up too fast!!

The Purvis Family said...

soooo cute :) love his heart!

Amber said...

You did a fabulous job. I have done the same thing with my little guy and our family.

I wanted some family photos taken, but it was just tooooooo expensive for us. I sat up the tripod and away we went. We got 2 or 3 good pictures and I was pleased.