Tuesday, August 10, 2010

He's Almost Home

My little man is almost home... I am giddy with excitement. Eric has been gone and is now home. In case you live under a rock, EA Sport Madden 11 came out today! Me being wife of the year went and picked up my husbands pre-ordered copy:)

Then finished the WHOLE house cleaning, baseboards, fans, carpets, etc. :) Some people spring clean! I end of summer cleaned! And i have to say it felt good!

More more importantly I did some GOOD back to school shopping for JH. I went and got a bunch of fabric and I have a friend who is gonna make him some pants:) I got some shirts to go with it. The best deal I got was a red polo shirt (and yes I will monogram it) for $1.98! What a deal! I also made a shirt for JH to wear on the first day of school... here is a sneak peak of his outfit!

Speaking for the first day of school... we don't start until after Labor Day, but I did make these adorable pen bouquets for JH to give his teachers. How cute did they turn out!

Well I am off to shower in peace before my boy gets home:) I'm giddy!

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