Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just the two of us....

So we are half way through our week of just the two of us. Although I have gotten a LOT of stuff down around the house, it has been fun to hang out with just Eric.

However we have had several date nights, walks, conversations that are uninterrupted by "mommy or daddy". Today we did yardwork then headed to the pool, the a long afternoon nap. Eric just made me bacon wrapped shrimp for dinner and it was excellent, and we are about to go out with friends to watch the UFC fight. Tomorrow is worship in the city for church. we are closing the doors of the church and headed to downtown Indy... what an awesome concept. Eric and I are thrilled to be apart of it... then........................ and afternoon on the lake:)

What a week. However we are counting down to TUESDAY!

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