Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bible Study

As a mom I find if very difficult to find adequate time to actually study the Bible. If you know me at all you know that I am a huge reader and love to ready just about anything! But when it came time to Study God's word something always seemed to be more important. Notice that I said "seemed". I felt like there were lots of distractions keeping me away from my time with God and it was beginning to show in my family, interaction with friends, and most importantly within myself! So I knew a change needed to be made!

Since moving to Indy and even before I was deeply involved in Mom Groups. MUMS and MOPS played a huge role in who I was a parent, friend, and leader. But last year I kept sensing I needed something more. So I decided to step away from MOPS and pursue the Bible Study classes that were offered at the church. It was the best decision I had made in a long time!

I am doing the Beth Moore Esther study. It is amazing. I really think anything by her is great, but this one has spoken volumes to me! I knew no one in my study and I have met some really neat amazing women from ALL walks of life! They have blessed me in many ways (including my fun birthday party today)!  For me I really think it is not the study or the video or the people. It is that I actually made this a priority and each week I have homework that forces me to dig into the word, ponder questions about myself, and really HEAR what God is trying to tell me.

Are you in a Bible study? What is the best one you have ever done? What changes in your life do you need to make to study the Bible on a regular basis? These are some questions that I asked myself and I encourage you to ask yourself. It really will bring you closer to the one who called you to KNOW HIS WORDS!

I am gonna leave you with a snapshot of what spoke to me this week during my study!

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