Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Guilty Pleasure

Very rarely does a TV show come on that I LOVE to watch. We watch a lot of Disney Jr and Sports Center at this house. But this past fall a show has come on that I am in love it. It was not wholesome, nor am I endorsing all the things in it.... BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE NASHVILLE! It's like my personal happy place. I love the people in it (Friday night lights mom) and I love the music, and I love the story line. Pretty much there is not much to like. It even has a main character named Deacon... And that is our dog!

So when John Hunter is at school, Lynley is napping, and Eric is at work... i watch! Its like my little guilty pleasure? If you have not watched it, you should! That is all!

Do you have a guilty pleasure like Nashville?

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