Monday, January 14, 2013

How to wear a bow...

Our Sweet Lynley Elizabeth has had a bow on since her very first photo!

So it is NO lie that I am obsessed with highbrows for our little Lynley. I am too embarrassed to count but it is a number well above 100! We have one for every outfit and some even have two. Long ago I heard the mantra that said, "the bigger the bow the better the mommy" now in now way do I think this is true, but I do think it is funny. We have worn all shapes, sizes, and colors of bows. Today's post is to make you all a little more knowledgeable about hair bows.

Here are a few tips:
- You can never have too many!

- Always keep a spare white one in your car and in your diaper bag!

- When I was prego with L my girlfriend Britney suggested that I order several of the same while bows. I listened but at the time had no idea why. Oh friends I am so glad I did. We have lots of white bows, some have make up stains, some have lipstick stains, some have dirty hand print stains. You can NEVER have too many white bows!

- In my Opinion solid bows are the best. They go with more and then tend to have a more classic look!

- Special occasions deserve special bows. Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Valentines day, birthday, parties, whatever the occasions, some times a special bow is just the magic that sets apart your little princess.

- Bow Placement-
- When your child is a baby (as in still needing to wear headbands with bows on them or attached to them) the headband should sit behind the ears and away from the forehead. Think of it as if you were gonna place a bow on your head... you would not stick it in the front of your forehead would you?  The bow should typically be on one side or the other. Lynley's hair naturally parts from left to right so she wears her bows on the right side.

-Now that Lynley has hair, I brush her back and place it in a small rubber band (think the size used for braces) I call this her bam bam pony tail. It is parted to the side and secure sweeping as much of her bangs off of her face as possible. Once the pony tail is secure then I attach the bow. Most of her bows are alligator clips, so this is super easy.

- Bow Size- This all comes down to personal preference. Only once in my lifetime have I ever said a bow was too big for L. I ordered a 8.5 inch bow and it was huge it took up her whole head. I think we will wait til she is in Kindergarten to wear that one! Most of Lynleys bow are 5.5- 6.5 inches. When she was an infant she would wear mostly 4 inch bows. But as she has gotten older and more hair I have upped her size. Some days we wear a small bow with no bam bam but her hair is so fine it slips out. So for us the bam bam works great!

- Where do I buy her bows: I get the question ALL the time. My favorite place to order bows is Polkadot posies.  I love her prices (nothing over $4 and her shipping is super quick). She also has some fun accessories and headbands as well. I have also had luck finding bows at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's I find a lot of our corker bows there! It is kind of hit or miss. As far as custom bows I have several friends who do several bows so I just use them on an as needed basis!

 I hope this post has been benefical. If you have ANY questions about more on bows... let me know by email ( or comment!

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Mama Smors said...

This post cracks me up!!! I love it :) Tula is the worst bow wearer on the planet..... Has been since day one! Any suggestions???