Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

Today as we welcome 2013 I thought I would take a moment and say goodbye to 2012. All it all i would say it was a great year. As with many years it has had it ups and downs, but we can look back and be confident that the LORD was with us throughout the year. I have compiled at list of 12 things (see 20"12") that were great for the White family! They are in no particular order... just wrote it out this way!

1) Superbowl was in Indy. It was such an exciting time for our city with all the buzz of the Superbowl. It helps that I have TWO HUGE football fans living under this roof. We were able to go down to Superbowl Village several times. Once as a family for my birthday and then Eric and I won tickets to see Jimmy Fallon which was great! We had a blast! The whole fam wore vikings gear even though they weren't in the big game! But we had a great time nonetheless!

2) UK Wins the National Championship!!! As many of you know I am from the land where Jesus will return and basketball is in our blood! This year the Cats brought home the title and no one was more excited than this Kentucky girl living in a Hooiser (looser) state! We took every chance we got and wore our blue proud! It was truly March Madness!

3) Ralph Zenisek went home to be with the Lord! We knew him as Pa. He was Eric's first grandparent to pass away and although it was VERY hard we are praising Jesus his body is restored to perfect health! We went to the cabin in May and celebrated his life. I spoke as a part of the eulogy and Eric and his dad along with his sisters sang at the service. It was very special to us as well as his grandmother! We miss him greatly but are proud of the legacy he has left!

4) Little League.... we have become parents of a little leaguer! And I must say that John Hunter and the rest of the Brewers were awesome! We had a blast playing baseball and by the end of the season we even saw MUCH improvement. John Hunter loved it and with every sport he is looking forward to playing again!

5) Disney! This year we went to Disney. Not only did we go, but Eric qualified for conference and Metlife picked up the tab. Lynley was so young that we left her behind with Gigi and Grandad, but dont tell her! We had a great trip and lots of memories were made. I was so proud of John Hunter for riding Space Mountain and I am even more proud of myself for doing it with him! It was an honor to stand by Eric side and represent Metlife and the Indy office!

6) 1st day of Kindergarten! We always knew this day would come, but when it did this momma was a mess. I am so proud of my doodle and the big boy he is becoming! He went confidently into Geist Elementary and has shone like a star ever since. I cannot believe we are 1/2 way through the year! He has come so far... he can even READ!!

7) Home is where the heart its! About june Eric thought it would be a great idea to put our house on the market. I thought why not? Well it sold in 28 days! We were not prepared for that, but we loved house hunting. We were super sad to leave our neighbors (although we see them all the time) but we were super blessed with new ones! We loved about a mile down the road. It is a great house and after about a week Eric and I both looked at each other and said, this feels like home! We could NOT have done this move without the help of my amazing parents who scaraficed 2 weeks to help us pack, paint, build, unpack, organize and just be the amaizng people that they are! Thank you so much.... we LOVE you more than words can express!

8) Our sweet princess turned one! We had a blast celebrating her with family and friends. She was thrilled about her party and she of course LOVED her cake! We didnt do a theme, but everything was in polka dots and cheveron. It was adorable to say the least! Time surely has flow by and although she is only 1 year old, I cannot imagine life without her! John Hunter has adjusted so well to the role of a big brother. He is her friend, buddy, projector, nurturer, and confidant!

9) Can you believe that John Hunter is 6. We celebrated Cowabunga style with a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle style! He had lots of his buddies over as well as some of his classmates. We had a great time. As I reflect back on him being 6 my heart aches. He is such a joy to our lives and is so precious. He had a caring heart and is so active, but just wants to be liked by everyone! We love you our big 6 year old!

10) Creation Museum... for fall break John Hunter spent some time in Lexington with my parents! He had a blast as always. However before going there we met up with my parents at the Creation Museum in northern KY! It was amazing. We have always wanted to go and we could not have picked a more perfect day to do it! It was a blast! John Hunter learned so much and loved the planetarium with dad! Thanks again Gigi and Grandad for taking us!

11) All dogs go to heaven. At lease that is what we are holding on to. Our sweet dog of almost 9 years went to be with Jesus in November. It was hard on everyone especially John Hunter. He has loved that dog his whole life. Tye was such a sweet and loving dog and we miss her greatly! She will ALWAYS hold a very special place in our hearts and in our home!

12) John Hunter got a special surprise when we went home to KY in December. Granddad took him to his very first UK Basketball game. They won the game against Portland. John Hunter was thrilled it was a real rite of passage. As soon as we got home he hung the "3" up in his room with pride. Thanks guys for making that memory possible!

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