Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

We have had a such a fun and wonderful weekend. However right now it is freezing outside and I am starting to feel like Noah and the ark. It has rained for days! Last Thursday my parents came in town to watch the kids while Eric and I headed out of town for a work function to Columbus, OH. Even though it was work related it was super fun to get away with just E.

While he was working I worked out, did some shopping, ate lunch at a fun place, took a nap, and got ready for the big dinner. During the course of the day Eric texted me that he received an award. He was named Agency Sales Director of the year! I am so proud of him and all his hard work has truly paid off. God has big plans for that guy! We went to a wonderful dinner at had some fun/ interesting conversations with all the people.

We headed home Saturday morning cause we were super excited to see the kiddos and my parents. It has rained a bunch and John Hunter and the neighbor kids decided it would be a blast to play in the mud. They had the best time but oh they were dirty!

John Hunter had his first basketball practice ever and we were thrilled. He loved it and did so well. I am anxious for the season to start and see how much he will improve and grown his love for this sport.

Last night we went and watched the Miss America pageant with some friends. I have always loved watching but this year it was neat because our friend Katie Stam Irk was one of the judges. It was great to see her on Prime Time TV and know that her heart is turned toward serving God and others. She truly is a gem among many.

Today we have been so lazy. We went to a huge breakfast with my parents and then they headed out of town. we have had a great family day watching the rain, watching football, playing games, eating Texas trash, and just being together. All in all I am glad to say we had a great weekend!

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