Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perfect day for Potato Soup

It is cold here, and I don't mean there is a chill in the air, I mean that we had a 2 hour delay because the windchill was sub zero. Nothing says comfort food to me like soup. I love soups pair with a good salad or even a sandwich from Jimmy Johns
**** SIDENOTE... we go and buy day old bread (which is usually only hours old) from Jimmy Johns for $.25 a loft and  come home and make our own sandwiches, saves money and super yummy)

Anyway I thought I would share my potato soup recipe with you. I recently found this on pinterest and gave it a whirl and it has quickly become a family favorite.

Since the orginal post was so good full of pictures I am just gonna send you there.

The only thing I did differently is I left my cream cheese in for an hour... just made it creamery! So what are your favorite cold day comfort foods?


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