Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Valentines Day Wreath

So if you don't know me too well I will let you in on a little secret. I am obsessed with Pinterest! I love everything about and my whole family knows. I had a board marked "Kendra's wish list" and was thrilled when I opened gifts this Christmas from that list! It is so bad that sometimes my 6 year old son will come into a room and say "mom I have a great idea." Proceed to tell me about his great idea and then end the conversation with "I think you should take a picture and pin that on pinterest!" Ooooo  I love that kid!

So after the Christmas decorations came down I started thinking about decorating for the next holiday. I know, I know, it's my birthday but my family would think I had lost it! So that left Valentines day. I have several ideas in mind, but I needed something for my front door, so I started too look. And I found the most adorable wreath. After a quick trip to Joann Fabric (well let's be honest no trip to Joann's is quick), I was ready to make!

If you would like to make one too here's what you do!

What you’ll need for the wreath:
- a 12 or 16 inch styrofoam wreath form
- approximately 2 yards of felt
- straight pins (enough to match the number of felt circles needed, plus two for attaching the hanger)
- scissors (I used pinking sheers which gave it that textured look, but regular scissors will do!)
- a 3 inch circle template... I used a can of chicken
- chalk
- ribbon for hanging
How to Make:
Using chalk and your circle template, trace circles onto the felt. Cut the felt circles, and fold them in half twice to form rosettes. Insert a pin near the bottom corner of the rosette, about 1/8 inch from the corner.

Attach the felt rosettes to the wreath form, making sure to group the rosettes tightly enough that no styrofoam is showing through the rosettes. After you’ve added a few, fluff and adjust the rosettes to your liking. Continue making, pinning, and attaching the rosettes until you’ve worked your way around the wreath form. If you have circles that are slightly misshapen or that have a little chalk on them, place them toward the outside or inside edges, where they can’t be seen when the wreath is hanging.

I also added the ribbon to the inside of my wreath just to give it some color. You could fill with rosettes, but trust me when you have cut out that MANY you will want to use ribbon!
After you’ve finished adding the felt rosettes, cut a 10 inch length of ribbon, fold it in half, and attach it to the wreath form with two pins to form a hanger.
From this point you can hang on the door and it will be perfect. I like bows, so I added a bow out of left over Christmas art mesh on the top of the ribbon just to give it some color!

The picture shown is on my garage door, but I put it on my front door and it does look amazing! IF someone had shoveled the sidewalk I would take a picture for you... maybe when it melts! 

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