Monday, January 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday

For this weeks installment of Thankful Thursday I am deeply thankful for our first born child... John Hunter White. In my opinion he has to be one of the coolest kids around. He came as a surprise to us, but our lives have been changed for the good every since. Since he is in Kindergarten and learning to spell I thought it would be fun to spell out his name and list something about him!

J- JOY! John Hunter has unspeakable joy! He is thrilled about the smallest things in life. If you tell him we are going to get ice cream he reacts the same way as if we told him we were going to Disney!  He not only shows joy he expresses it. He loves to make people laugh by telling jokes or pulling "pranks" as he calls it. This sweet blonde boy has brought joy to so many!

O- Obedient... from the times he was little we have always said, "immediate obedience" which means we want you to obey on the first time! He is not a perfect  child, but he has been very obedient and for that his father and I are forever grateful!

H- Humorous... he's a funny kid. He can pull one liners from out of no where, and in 6 year old fashion it is funny! Even last year at preschool graduation his teacher commented about his quick sense of humor. I think it will take him far in life!

N- Nice- All in all John Hunter is a super nice kid. He gets along with MOST people and even if he doesn't like them he has learned how to tolerate them! I hope when others desirable him they say he is NICE!

H- Helper- John Hunter has always been one who wants to help you!  From the time he was little I can remember he would have a rag in his hand cleaner when I cleaned. He wants to help his daddy in the kitchen and in the yard. He always wants to help. He took on a new role as big brother and I cannot tell you how helpful he has been. I love to see his servants heart grow at such a young age!

U- Understanding- John Hunter is a lot like his mommy in that he wants a plan of action! He likes to know what is gonna happen and when. Sometimes when things dont go as planned he struggles with being understanding. However in the past year we have seen this fault dwindle. He is becoming more understand and learning that not everything has to go as planned!

N- Nurturing. He loves to cuddle, snuggle, and hug. He will be playing and say Mom can I have a hug. He will never let Lynley go to bed without a hug or a kiss and he is always holding on to his daddy's hand. I love that about his sweet heart. He loves to express love this way and I hope he always stay that way!

T- Talkative- From the time he was little he has always been a boy of many words. He loves to talk, and frankly I love to talk to him. I love to hear stories he tells, makes up, and repeats. I love his questions and his desire to learn, but man does he love to talk. One time my friend kept John Hunter from early in the morning until the afternoon. Around 9:30 she texted me saying, "my boys are still asleep, but John Hunter has asked no less than 250 questions"

E- Energetic- Whew... somedays I have to say, this momma needs a break! He is full of energy and life. Not much will take him down. We will be at friends house and all the kiddos will have been in bed for a bit and John Hunter is still going. He cannot be still for the life of me, he tries, but he loves to be on on the go! I love that about him!

R- Right for me. God sure knew what he was doing when he gave me this little boy! I am so thankful that God let me be his mommy!

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