Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Be Still My Soul....

This is where we are this day.... open and honestly, we need our house in Lexington to sell! I think I have mentioned before that our van is getting some cosmetic work done so we have been at home. I have drinking up the Truth of God's Word and playing with a fun loving, care free 2 year old. But my heart and soul are churning.

I was supposed to go on a trip this weekend, but I had to cancel because it was not the best uses of our finances. The LORD has me in His grip... what better place to be. But we are hurting, mentally, phyiscally. emotionally, and financially.

I am transparent with you all to say that today we have been told that me "MIGHT" have a written offer on our house, which is great. But the bad news is we have reason to believe it is considerably LESS that what we could take. We are trusting God... Be still my soul, right? We we are begging, more or pleading with you all to pray with us.... your prayers are appreicated!

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