Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I have always loved Mother’s day. Long before I was ever a mom it was fun holiday to celebrate. There are lots of things about this day I liked:

- I loved going to my Mammal’s house to celebrate her. We were never there alone seeing how she was a mother to 10 children.

- Or the fact we always gave my mom an orchid to wear to church.

- Back in the day the used to do a thing a church for the oldest “mum” and I always thought it was so cool to see who the oldest/newest mom was!

- When my Gran and Grandad moved to KY we would eat mother’s day brunch at “the home”. And it was so sweet to see all the elderly celebrate their lives as mothers.

- One year we were in Gatlinburg for a family reunion with my dad’s family and little did we know it was my Gran’s last Mother’s day.

- I graduated from college on Mother’s day which was a HUGE accomplishment for me as well as my mom!

Since being a mom my Mother’s Day has been nothing GREAT. The first one I was not even with JH seeing how we left him with my parents and we were driving home from MN from a wedding. The second Mother’s Day I was in the hospital, and today… well we will see!

What a fun day to celebrate moms. A thankless job that has so many job requirements, but it done out of pure love. I have been reading “Scared Parenting” and this book has been such a joy to me. Although it has made me take a closer look at my heart and my parenting, it is strengthened my relationship with my Maker. One of his main objectives is to help us realized that our kids probably best reveal whether or not our hearts are mirroring what God desires us to be. He writes the following:

How do I know if I’m keeping the first things first? C.J. Mahaney encourages every parent to ask their children this very insightful question “What do you think your daddy and mommy feel most passionate about?” If the gospel doesn’t come to mind, they may have picked up that we really care about avoiding embarrassment over their behavior, having a clean house, getting them into the best schools, or having a straight-A report card to boast about in the Christmas letter”

Ouch… did that hurt you like it hurt me? Just in case you were wondering that was on page 30… there are still about 200 more pages to go? So what is sacred to you this Mother’s Day? Of course the memories are and the mommies are, but what above all us do you hold dear? Remember God is the one who saw fit to bring that sweet child into your family. It may not have been the time, way, or plan that you had, but His ways are higher than ours! And maybe on this mother’s day you are missing someone who played that role….I know I am. Praise Him that I will be reunited with them on the streets of gold because they chose to let the light of Christ shine through them to me! So today as we celebrate MOMS… celebrate Him!

We are born, we die, and then we get out of the way. But those who hold parenting as a sacred journey, and treat it accordingly, will leave behind something wonderful and lasting!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you MOM!

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