Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh Bother....

So as many of you know we are in full out potty training... I am not sure who is getting more M&M's for going in the potty JH or me for putting up with this maddness. Yesterday he did AWESOME, however he stayed naked most of the day. We did take our first car ride with no diaper and that went well, but we did have one accident!

Today we got up and he went potty a couple of times and then we got our clothes on to go to the park. Kelly and Lydia came over to go to the park. We potty first and then walked across the street. He did awesome. Then while playing on the basketball court he just squatted and peed. So I took his shorts off and left him in his pee pee undies, t-shirt, and red crocs. We were a site that is for SURE!

All that to say i am over it... we have been stranded at home because our new van is getting some cosmetic things done to it... so we are on day 3 with no car! So I thought this would be a perfect time. I am certain that diapers cannot be more expensive than the laundry I have been doing. We are doing great on poop... but I think he just gets too involved and starts to pee!

Oh well... he is still a cutie right now eating "soup" which most call spaghetti o's! I am thrilled to not have to cook tonight. We are going to "Pizza with the Pastors" at church. Kind of a get to know the staff for new members... I am excited about it, and think it should be fun!

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Jessie said...

well, I have totally been lazy about this whole thing...I keep saying that when we get settled somewhere for the summer, I will train Lainey. So of course, we keep traveling and I have never followed through...bless her heart. That's great that he is doing so well, you're gonna be there in no time! Thanks for all your help with our blog!