Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Truthful Tuesday... Not that Girl!

So I have been thinking lately… since it is my blog I can write and do what I want. I love the “cutesy sayings” such as “Wordless Wednesday or Thankful Thursday” so I have decided to start my own. It will be a FIVE WEEK installment called “Truthful Tuesday”.

So here is what it is… I am going to write a “bible study” if you will, called “Not That Girl”. It will be based on Job’s wife… that’s a character that is not pulled out of the Bible everyday, huh? Let me give you a little background, I pride myself on a LOT of things, I can be creative, I can throw a fun party, my Son can sing lots of hymns, but a good wife, I am not sure that I ALWAYS fall in that category! It has been on my heart lately to share with ya’ll some things the LORD has been teaching me, and it is NOT just for you married women out there, these are timeless truths that span all generations and ALL women!…. So today we are just gonna start light… here’s to “Truthful Tuesday”!!!

When I mentioned we were said study about the book of Job what were the first thoughts that came to mind? For me I have so many thoughts: his nagging wife, this poor man, being tested, etc. In the past I put a black cloud around the life of Job, you know the one where you just think, this poor guy can’t catch a break? I have also put myself in that category as well. When things don’t go MY WAY, I think, oh I am being tested like Job, but then we read Job 1:1-5. Job is later in his chapter considered by God and to be blameless and upright, a man who shuns evil.

WOW…. I have never really heard that said about me. Now I am in no way saying that we deserve punishment for the degrees of our sins, but I am saying there are consequences for our actions. I am a FRIM believer that he has removed our sins as far as the east is from the west and that HIS GRACE is sufficient because of the cross. But think about, Job was blameless and pure and just wait and see what the evil one tested him with, and a will let you in on a secret…. He continued to praise and serve the ONE TRUE GOD when others just told him to throw in the towel… including his wife!

** I wrote this post last week, but in the middle of the night I felt prompted by the LORD to write this in. As many of you know we have not sold our house. We built that house as an investment and had a wonderful time doing it. We love our house, and I do me love. But the selling of it is taking a toll on our family in more ways than I would care to explain. I have said it before I feel as if we are being tested to see if we will choose to rely on the Maker of all things or just things. It seems our frustration begins to creep up after talking to the Realtor or knowing other houses are selling and then the evil one attacks. I just start to pick on Eric and he picks on me. Instead of both being in the same boat we play the “game” you know, my situation is worse than yours. Have you ever played it? We have tried to overcome on our own, but we can’t.

We have to DAILY, almost HOURLY die to ourselves. But it is so hard and I am so tired…but we are fervent in our trails. We believe that there will be rest under the shadow of HIS wings (Ps. 91). I love that chapter, the first verse says, “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will REST in the shadow of the Almighty”. Cling there, rest there. Know that in order to have a shadow you must have a sun. There is a light at the end of the tunnel you are walking down. And there is a sweet Savior who is walking with you.

So today, clear your mind, and answer these following questions… you can just mediate on them, write the down, or if you want, leave me a comment, I love hearing from you!

- What are some ways you feel like you are being tempted in this season of life? Are you listening to the lies of the evil one? The ones that he whispers and says, you’re not good enough, no one will ever love you, what you did is going to screw up your kids for the rest of their life? **** SISTER… know those are lies, you are free from his evil voice. And when you being to believe the, RUN to the Scripture, read it, bathe in it, and listen to it!

- Today find some time to spend in HIS word. For every lie you are believing about who you are or what role you are playing in the Kingdom, write down or read aloud one of God’s Truths. If you need help let me know… I will send them your way.

PRAYER: Father, today thank you for your word, for your Truth, and as hard as it hurts to type this, for the trails and testing that comes our way. Allow our trails to be sweet offerings that bring us to your feet and allow us to draw closer to you. Lord, we lay our hopes, desires, and longings before you. We trust that your ways are higher than ours and your plan is divine and ours is of limited knowledge. Let us rest in the peace and knowledge that you are ALL we need. When the rest of the things in the world pass away…. It is you who remains! Bless us O Father….Amen!


Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

Excellent devotion!!

Mama Smors said...

looking forward to next weeks truthful tuesday!