Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Fun...

We have had a lot of fun this weekend just being together as a family... after a LOT of stress in our life (which is still there) it was good... NO GREAT just being together. Today we just relaxed and played beauty parlor after church and then Cory and Kelly invited us over for a little BBQ which did my spirits and heart well!

FYI... in Indianapolis they do NOT show the 500. Some weird thing but it is a black out. So we showed up to the cookout not even knowing who won! Apparently this guy did...

Congrats Helio~ must have been the wave from John Hunter and Nolan.

I said we had a beauty parlor and NO it was not JH's hair again, it was the doggies. The hair was causing me to LOOSE MY MIND! Well after SEVERAL calls to the groomers the cheapest we could find was $66 per dog. I don't need to tell you that is NOT in our budget. If we have an extra $130 bucks rest assured it is not going to the doggies. But the hair was just too much.

So in the words of the WonderPets.... TEAMWORK! Eric and I saved the dogs... here are a few snap shots! Enjoy!** NOTICE... Tye in the above picture peeking out thinking
"stupid pup, glad it is you and not me" Little did the Princess know**

*** This above picture is just HALF of ONE dog... it was a lot! And I do mean ALOT!***

Happy Memorial Day Friends... Remember those who serve/or have served our country!

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