Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Much Needed Laugh...

Today I put on my facebook page that I was having a bad day. The reasons are just too many to list, but I was VERY encouraged my the number of people who were concerned. One was my sweet friend Kelly who I have met here in Indy.... (the girl from the library who is also in my MOPS group)

Anywhoo.... she called and left me the sweetest message, and I didn't want to call her back because I knew she was having date night with her hubby Cory! And her little princess was diagnoised with a double ear infection which means she hasn't had much sleep! I texted the following:

ME: Thanks so much for your call. I just wanted to throw Eric out the window. Glad Lydia is sleeping. You all going to church tomorrow?

KELLY: Did he ask you to move cities again, get another lab puppy, or make dinner? All equally bad. Yes church... see you then!

I have no idea, but this was just the laugh I needed. One more proof that God has a sense of humor:)

**PS... these flowers are from my hubby and son for mother's day,
but don't let them fool you! He still needed a kick in the tail"

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