Saturday, May 23, 2009

Indianapolis 500 Parade

So today John Hunter and I were invited to go to the Parade with my friend from MOPS Katie and here little boy Nolan. It was a ton of fun. Now we had tickets through her dad, so we got in line and got an amazing box lunch for us and boys and lots of beverages because it was HOT.

We had AWESOME tickets... they were chairs and not bleacher seats and they were on the FRONT ROW in the shade! What a delight it was. I was anticipating a parade like in Lexington, a couple bands, the mayor, etc. No... not for the 500. We are talking star power. And JH an I loved every minute.

So here are some pictures of our fun times... I will try to get some of the ones from my phone on here:)

So here are some highlights in pictures:

AC Slater from Saved by the Bell OR Mario Lopez as some of you uncool people might know him!
Jan... from "the Office"

Josh Dummell from Las Vegas... Eric and I love that show!
Good ole' Gomer Pyle...Gollllleeeee!
Sweet John Hunter looking to see what or who is coming next...
And it was Danica Patrick... who leaned over and kissed my buddy on the head. I was so excited I will have to get the photo from Katie's camera!

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Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

SO fun! I love all those famous people!!